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At Perfect Pooch we specialize in an truly all-natural alternative to traditional dog grooming.  All of our products contain 100% essential oils and do not contain any harmful additives, or artificial bi-products.   The holistic healing approach gives your pooch an better overall sense of wellness.  Our dogs are members of our family, and it is important to treat them as such.  We use a special water filtration system for all of our bathing systems to ensure your pooch is being bathed and pampered with water free of dirt, debris, and other harmful contaminants.

Many grooming products claim to be all natural, but we would like you to take the all natural challenge!  Shampoos which are hypoallergenic or oatmeal based are good, but are they really as natural as they claim to be?  Simply ask for the ingredients list, and you'll know exactly how natural the products are.  At Perfect Pooch we are more than happy to provide a full ingredient list of every product that we use!  We are happy to offer the truly all natural & holistic alternative!

Our Full Groom Includes the following:

•    Two Baths with freshening shampoo, one bath with our brightener shampoo and one bath with Conditioner (if needed)

•    Drying using 2 types of dryers; no heat high velocity drying and heat stand drying with brushing for a smooth appearance
•    Styling with sanitary trim

•    Ear Cleaning and removal of hair from ear canal (if needed to help prevent infections)
•    Nail Trimming
•    Paw Pad Cleaning and Trimming
•    Freshening Spritz
•    Completed with a bow (female dog), or a bandanna (male dog)

Essential oils are diffused within our grooming and styling areas to help keep the little ones in a calming zen state of mind.

Feel free to call us today at (401) 884-7200, or stop in for your grooming quote today!

As always we encourage you to bring treats for your little one, and we will gladly give them their favorite treats throughout their groom!  If you forget your treats, always check out Bone Appetit for a large selection of grain free and organic doggie treats!

We gladly give a 10% discount for any Holistic Grooming for a newly adopted dog!**

* NOTE: Grooming prices vary depending on the size of your pooch, breed, and services requested, any grooming price given over the phone could change based on these factors.  There may be additional charges for very large dogs, dogs that have mats, or difficult to groom dogs. Please call us or stop in anytime for a quote for your holistic groom today!  Rabies vaccination is required prior to any grooming service including separate services such as teeth brushing or nail trimming.  Puppies require a rabies vaccination after 4 months of age.


**NOTE:  We will gladly honor a 10% discount for any newly adopted dog for a Holistic Grooming visit or Dog Training appointment.  Proof of adoption is required to honor this discount.  Acceptable proof of adoption documentation is the original adoption paperwork which you received from the shelter or organization in which you adopted your dog from. We will not be able to make exceptions for this discount if this paperwork is present, other forms of paperwork will not be accepted for discount.  This is the only documentation which will be accepted for the adoption discount, we will not be able to make any exceptions.  Discount is valid within the 1st year of adoption and on the first visit only.


We offer a variety of additional services to add on to any groom including skin repair shampoo for sensitive skin, holistic flea shampoo, and more!


Nail Dremeling:   ($7 to add to your groom)

Dremeling gets rid of any rough edges that may be present after being freshly trimmed.  This can help protect vehicle upholstery, household furniture, hardwood floors and more.  Your pooch will thank you!

Aqua Massage:  Our Aqua Massage Shampoo is a great addition to your groom!  It is formulated with a special blend of essential oils such as wintergreen, which can be warming to the body.  Elderly canines love Aqua Massage as it offers ease of pain to those tired muscles, achy joints and bones.  Aqua massage is gently applied and soaks into your dogs coat for 10 minutes during the groom. 

Skin Repair:  Skin Repair shampoo was specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind.  Skin Repair contains Lavender & Melalueca Ericafolia - a skin cousin to the Tea Tree Plant, yet much gentler on the skin.  This specially formulated holistic shampoo offers "rapid relief" for dogs suffering from skin problems such as rashes, cuts, burns, hot spots, and even environmental allergies.  Skin Repair even helps to aid in the regeneration of coat and skin tissue.  We are happy to offer this refreshing alternative to synthetic shampoos.  Skin Repair is gently applied to your pooch and soaks into your dogs coat for 10 minutes during the groom.

R.I.P. Fleas: This holistic formula contains a clean, refreshing scent of pure peppermint and other essential oils that have fleas resting in peace!  Contains no harmful pesticides, preservatives or harsh chemicals, just natural oils to get rid of those pesky fleas.  R.I.P. Fleas does not interfere with monthly flea & tick preventatives.  This product must be allowed to remain on your dog for the recommended 20 minutes to properly kill all fleas.


We also offer additional services which can be included with a groom or separate:

•    Nail Trimming        ($11)

We offer nail trimming which as a separate service for those who need their nails done, but are in-between grooms.  Keeping your dogs nails neat and trimmed is an essential part of your normal grooming routine.  Untrimmed nails can leave your pooch vulnerable to broken nails, which can be very painful and costly with a veterinarian.   (*Nail Trimming is included with our grooms at no additional cost, dremeling at additional fee)

•    Nail Dremeling    ($12)

Dremeling gets rid of any rough edges that may be present after being freshly trimmed.  This can help protect vehicle upholstery, household furniture, hardwood floors and more. Also available as a grooming add on for only $5.

•    Teeth Brushing and Scaling  (Price varies, see below)

At Perfect Pooch, we are proud to offer 100% Organic toothpaste for your pooch!  After a lot of research, we have found a product which is not only 100% organic, it works!  It is important to keep up on your pooches dental hygiene.  A clean mouth can lead to a longer, healthier life for your pooch!  Our Teeth Cleaning service includes all natural toothpaste with no artificial chemicals, bi products or preservatives to ensure a healthy mouth!  Teeth Scaling on a regular basis can help prevent the buildup of plague causing elements.  Practicing good oral hygine for your pooch will ensure that the gums and teeth are clean and will not deteriorate early.

Teeth Brushing:                                                                 $7 with groom, $12 separately


Prices vary depending on weight, breed, and if there are mats present in the dogs coat.  Any price quote given over the phone, online or in person is an estimate.  If matting is excessive there will be an extra charge to properly remove the matting from your dogs coat.  Keeping your pooch on a regular maintenance schedule will help prevent matting and also eliminate the need for a longer grooming appointment when it is time for the full groom.