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~ Paving a path to your Perfect Pooch! ~
58 Main Street, East Greenwich RI 02818
PHONE: (401) 884 - 7200, FAX: (401) 398-8916

~ Testimonials ~

Here's what people are saying about their experience at Perfect Pooch!
~ Kim's Video Testimonial ~
"This is our first visit to Perfect Pooch, it was a great experience!  They did everything we asked and more, thank you Perfect Pooch!

- Kim Hollaran

~ Suzanne's Video Testimonial ~
"My girls look terrific and I am very happy with our groom! We'll be back!"
- Suzanne Dambek
~ Amanda's Video Testimonial ~
"This was Wizard's first time at Perfect Pooch.  It was a great experience, nice staff and they took really good care of him.  Thank you!"
- Amanda Asselin

~ Carmen's Video Testimonial ~

"We brought Havi to Perfect Pooch for holistic care.  Havi was very matted and dirty, we got him back in beautiful condition. He also seemed perfectly calm and content after his visit and smelled great!"

- Carmen Palumbo

~ Donna's Video Testimonial ~

"Thank you Perfect Pooch for making my dog look and smell good again.  You did a great job thank you so much!"
- Donna Lacroix

~ Al's Video Testimonial ~

"This is our first time to Perfect Pooch, both Sophie and I had a great experience.  They took great care of her and we look forward to our next visit!"

- Al Curnow
~ Dianne's Video Testimonial ~
"Riley had his first experience at Perfect Pooch, he came in quite matted and they did a beautiful job.  They were wonderful!"
- Diane Dalphonse

~ Jeanne's Video Testimonial ~

"This was Mishka's first visit to Perfect Pooch, and she looks fabulous!  Thank you so much!"
- Jeanne Spinosa

~ Kelley's Video Testimonial ~

" I am so glad I came to Perfect Pooch, they did such a good job with Ruby, Thank You!"

- Kelley Huwes
~ Kristi's Video Testimonial ~

“This is our first time at Perfect Pooch. Jojo looks gorgeous, she loved it and everyone here was awesome.  We can’t wait to come back!”

- Kristi Hathaway

~ Candace's Video Testimonial ~

“Today is our first time to Perfect Pooch, and we had a great experience. We highly recommend Perfect Pooch and will definitely be back!”

- Candace Maturi
~ Shannon's Video Testimonial ~

“Chilly smells fantastic with their essential oils.  The trimming is beautiful and very professional. I highly recommend it!”

- Shannon Houle
~ Deirdra's Video Testimonial ~
" Perfect Pooch is lovely, Lilly smells great!  I love the products and it is a great environmentI would highly recommend Perfect Pooch!"
- Deirdra Weedon
" I highly recommend Perfect Pooch.  Sometimes Bingo is hard to handle in the bathtub, but they did a great job and I will be back!" 

- Charles Corser

" We are very happy with Mia's hair cut and the kindness and care she was given at p.p."
- Carl Wunschel
"Bruce Wayne had a great time, and well be back again!"
~ Britney's Video Testimonial ~
- Britney Gilman
"Cooper and Spencer look great, I highly recommend Perfect Pooch!"
~ Susan's Video Testimonial ~
- Susan Schenck
"No groomer here in Rhode Island was able to make Bella look this great!"
~ Arlene's Video Testimonial ~
- Arlene Fishman

" Bear has never looked better! Thank you so much Perfect Pooch!"

~ Chris's Video Testimonial ~

- Chris Beaudion

"I would highly recommend Perfect Pooch!"

~ Debbie's Video Testimonial ~
- Debbie Belaus
"Katniss got groomed at Perfect Pooch and looks amazing!  Her coat is so clean and soft!"
~Allison's Video Testimonial ~

- Allison Alarie

 "I just want to thank you so much for today with Sammy and Lucy! They look GORGEOUS and you did such a great job of relaxing them and making all of us feel comfortable. This is our new place!! Thanks again, Debbi, Sammy and Lucy."
~ Debbie's Video Testimonial ~
- Debbie Tocco

" I love that they use all natural real holistic products!  Thor will be back again!"

~ Kelsi's Video Testimonial ~

- Kelsi Desanctis

"We couldn't be happier with Jackson!  We definitely recommenced Perfect Pooch!"
~ Keri's Video Testimonial ~

"Perfect Pooch was wonderful, the grooming was great!  He has a lot of pine tar and dirt on his coat which was all removed!"

~ Sharon's Video Testimonial ~
"Everything was wonderful, we had specialized service for Sammy!  Thanks Perfect Pooch!"
~ Lydia's Video Testimonial ~
"Mimi received perfect care at perfect Pooch!"
~ Lucille's Video Testimonial ~

“Fantastic experience! Rocky looks and smells amazing!”

- Jamie Oakley